People Crane, Reykjavik, 2012
Daniel Grendon


Traditional Art: “Sensazioni” by *DiegoKoi http://bit.ly/Ttgn7q 

Pencil on paper 

WIP: http://bit.ly/QOrMZ8

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Don’t boo—vote!

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elin o’Hara slavick

(clockwise from top left) Afghanistan, Bagdad, Lebanon, Pakistan 
from Protesting Cartography: Places the United States has Bombed, 2002 - ongoing 

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Photographer Dane Shitagi has spent ten years photographing ballerinas, trying to capture the emotions behind their poses and eschewing “dance photography.” He writes about the dancers and their photo sessions on the project’s website, here.

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The Widow I

1921 - 1922

Kathe Kollwitz


Today marks the beginning of Bike Nation, GOOD’s weeklong celebration of pedal power. We’re not the only ones who are excited—biking is more popular than ever. But when it comes time to divvy up the nation’s transportation budget, cyclists and pedestrians tend to get the short end of the stick.

Check out our infographic about Americans on two wheels—and why Congress should help them out.

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Violeta - East River

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A woman travelling on the rail between moving train cars in Bangladesh.

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